Saturday, February 6, 2010

Art & Dolls Gone Wild

I belong to a private Facebook group called Art & Dolls Gone Wild. But if there's anything wild about this group, it's the dollmakers themselves. There are eight people in the group, and we divided into two groups of four for a collaborative art project, which we started a few months ago and are just finishing up.

Each of us made a doll head, then mailed it to the next person on the list. That person added a body and sent it to the next person, who added arms and legs. The fourth person added finishing touches and sent the completed doll back to the person who made the head.

My head was pretty basic -- an old wooden block, decoupaged with a photo of a really shabby old doll head, some rub-on letters, a bottle cap crown. The next person added a body made from a rusty old trowel.  The next person added strips of metal for arms and a nutcracker for legs. Finishing touches included a skirt of pen points, some copper pennies with a green patina and polymer clay hands and feet. During her journey, she even acquired a name: Dolly.

Not all the dolls are finished yet, but we're already talking about our next project.  What a fun, creative group of women.

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  1. Hey, Dolly looks great, I wish we'd remembered to share our other dolls while I was there today...oh well next time!