Sunday, January 31, 2010

Crafts on a snowy day

I had planned to try to get to Michael's on Saturday before the snow started, but I spent too much of the morning puttering around on the computer. I took a shower and got dressed and when I came downstairs, I found the snow was here and the ground was already covered.

So instead, I burrowed into my craft room and tried to finish a few projects. I recently read Anna Corba's "Vintage Paper Crafts." What an inspiration! She collages on everything: notebook covers, old bottles, glass candle holders.

Pictured here are two dollar-store notebooks I altered. One is one of those speckled black and white composition books -- you know the ones; it cost $1. The other is the same size but made of all recycled paper with a plainer paper cover; it was $1.50.

I stuck with the black and white theme for the composition book, but it was more work because it had so much type on the inside covers that needed to be covered up (class schedule blanks, and measurement tables). So I ended up collaging inside both covers, too, also with a French/Paris theme. But it was three times more work.

The inside of the other one was pretty clean; it just needed one small photo to cover up some type on the inside front cover. If I go back for more notebooks, I guess I'll spend the extra 50 cents.

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