Saturday, March 21, 2009

This blogging business

It seems to me the hardest thing about creating a blog is deciding what to name it. I call my little craft business Blue Moon Crafts, a name I chose probably 10 years ago, too long ago to bother changing it now. But I guess it wasn't very original; other people have used it, too, and they all seem to get there first. So when I opened an etsy store, the name was already taken. (I went with And when I tried, just now, to start a blog, the name was already taken.

So what to call it? I thought about some variations on the moony theme but finally hit on Just Abby and Me. Abby's my cat, a gray and rust female tabby, and it is just Abby and me these days since Pete, our "significant other," died of a heart attack in September after a lengthy battle with diabetes, heart disease and kidney disease.

That's Abby in a crock on our front porch in a portrait taken by Pete last summer. It's one of my favorites because it shows a lot of her personality. You cat lovers will know what I mean.

After Pete died, one of my friends said in an email, "I worry about just you and Abby there all alone."

I wrote back that we weren't alone. We had each other. I told her that a couple of days earlier we were sitting out on the deck in the sun, me in one chair reading and Abby dozing in the other chair. After a while, she woke up, hopped down, went into the yard and came back a few minutes later with a mouse she had caught.

"So you don't need to worry about Abby and me," I told my friend. "She's good company ... and she even gets her own meals."

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